General Information

Partnership with parents

We actively encourage parents to participate and look forward to developing a partnership with you while your child is at LSN.

Parents are our children’s main educators and therefore have a strong input into every aspect of ‘LSN’. We welcome parents’ comments and consult on a regular basis about how the nursery is run and the service we offer. Your child’s Key friend and the nursery manager are always willing to meet with you and discuss your child’s progress or answer any concerns you may have. When you come to collect your child, their Key friend will be available to tell you all about his or her day, activities and achievements. A more formal review of progress will take place during the year, you are encouraged to read through your child’s records whenever you wish.

Partnership is a two-way process, and we like parents to help us make sure the nursery runs smoothly. We request, for example, that you follow our security guidelines with regard to admitting unknown people into the nursery, and that you keep us informed about any allergies or special diets your child may have. ‘LSN’ has a policy on admitting children with infectious illnesses, and we would ask that you respect the quarantine period specified by the nursery manager, for the benefit of the other children, parents and staff.

Telling us about your child

We want to learn about your child. We will ask you to complete the “All About Me” booklet which forms the first part of planning for your child’s learning and development.

You will receive a date and time for this visit

Spending time in nursery

Parents, grandparents and carers are always welcome to spend time in the nursery, you can: 

read stories to small groups of children, help with art and craft, help children use the computer, help by supporting play, demonstrating special traditions and talking about festivals and celebrations etc

We understand that for some parents getting into nursery during the day is not possible. We will always welcome phone calls from working parents to see how their child is getting on, we always suggest that if you have a half day off work why not come along!!

Recording your child’s progress

Clearly you will want to know how your child is getting on and the staff are always willing to answer any individual questions.

We keep records of the children’s progress covering the areas of social skills, physical skills, language development, maths, science and technology (computers etc) and creative development. Many Reception teachers find these records helpful. This book is known as ‘The learning journey’ booklet. Learning Journeys at LSN are all online, parents will be given secure access to there child’s personal account. This is a great way of communicating with your child’s key worker.


The children do not need to bring any snacks to nursery. We provide fresh fruit and a drink each morning and each afternoon. Children and parents can make recommendations and we will try our best to accommodate.

Absences from Nursery

If your child is unable to attend nursery please telephone to let us know. In case of illness / infectious disease, the Local Authority issues special guidance on the required length of absence.


We encourage high standards of behaviour from all our children. All unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with firmly but fairly. Parents will be informed if unacceptable behaviour is noticed.


All accidents will be recorded in our ‘accident book’, and parents will be notified of treatment given, and circumstances surrounding the injury. You will be asked to sign the appropriate forms acknowledging treatment. In the event of a serious accident or illness requiring immediate medical attention, the nursery will be responsible for administering treatment immediately. Parents will be notified promptly and where necessary the childs doctor consulted.


We are aware that at times children will need medication (antibiotics, etc.) during nursery hours, We will follow our ‘Administreration of medication policy’ at all times.


If your child becomes ill during the day LSN will notify you, and if necessary ask you to collect them as soon as possible.

If your child contracts any contagious disease please notify us immediately 48 hours clear of sickness and diarrhoea is required before returning to the nursery.


We would discourage children from bringing in their own toys other than comforters, as loss, damage or leaving behind at nursery can cause distress. The nursery cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to property.

Toilet training

Please advise us when you begin toilet training as we shall endeavour to keep to a routine to assist a smooth transition.


In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the service that LSN provides, a copy of the complaints procedure is available on request, and every endeavour will be made to rectify the situation.

Child protection

As a registered child care facility it is our duty to advise the necessary authorities should we suspect any child is in need of protection. All staff members are trained in child protection and our policy is available on request.

Special needs

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all children. Children with special needs are welcome to our nursery, where we have staff who are SENCO trained, and will be pleased to liase with you.

Transferring to Primary School

We maintain close links with all the primary schools in the Deepdale and Ribleton area and most reception teachers visit the nursery before the children transfer in September following their 4th birthday.

Policies and Procedures

LSN have a wide range of policies which govern our nursery, These policies and procedures are available on request from the Nursery office.